Small Business Support

Resources for Small Businesses

In uncertain times we all need extra support and finding that can be difficult. We want to do what we can to make this easy for all small business owners and so have pulled together some useful resources that may help you access official guidance and information.

These are mostly government / accredited body resources about support available during the current situation. We encourage you, more than ever though, to talk with your BNI colleagues to see how you can help each other. We know there are thousands of experts in the membership who can help you with HR and legal advice, access to funding, how to market your business and much more. That’s not to mention the ideas that other members may have about how you could innovate.

The message is simple – let’s help each other out and for some additional support see if any of the links below can help you.

General business support from the government -

Government business support helpline -

Support and advice from the CIPD -

Government business support during Covid-19 -

Mental health support from MIND -

General Covid-19 advice from ACAS -

Working from home advice from ACAS -

Foreign and Commonwealth Office travel advice -

LEPs – offering opportunities for business and investment -



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