A lifelong journey of learning

Niri Patel - BNI

In September 2020, Niri Patel, ED for BNI Yorkshire, joined Charlie Lawson for a Facebook Live session, discussing lifelong learning and its importance to developing his career and personal life.

Niri has a fascinating story to tell and you can watch the whole session by clicking here.

We wanted to give everyone a summary of some key points Niri raised in a 2 minute read so take a look at the quick fire interview below.

BNI: What was the foundation of your passion for lifelong learning?

Niri: From a young age, my parents drummed into me that getting a formal education would improve my life choices. I took them at their word!

BNI: What are the biggest benefits you've realised by maintaining that focus?

Niri: You can achieve anything you want if you’re determined enough. An open attitude to learning facilitates and accelerates the process.

BNI: How do you maintain your commitment to learning in a busy life?

Niri: Reading is to the brain what exercise is to the body, so I set time aside daily for learning that supports my personal and business aspirations. This ensures I learn what works and what doesn’t so I end up saving time!

BNI: How do you conduct your learning?

Niri: I read, listen to podcasts, watch videos and attend seminars. I also have coaches for specific areas of my life so they can help with input and direct my learning.

BNI: Part of the challenge for many people is knowing what to learn about. How do you do this to ensure that your learning time is well spent?

Niri: Consider what is most important to you and let that direct your learning. When you have clarity about what is important to you, it becomes easier to say no to the things that do not matter to you.  

BNI: If you had one tip for business leaders looking to accelerate their learning journey, what would it be?

Niri: Learn how to learn so you can save a lot of time and improve retention and recall of relevant information.


Lifelong learning is undoubtedly a benefit to everyone, whether they’re in business or not and so we encourage you to take on board Niri’s suggestions and do what you can to keep on developing.

Again, if you’d like to watch the whole session, you can do so here.




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