£54,000 Donated - More to Come!

As BNI members know, being part of the community is not just about making money. Of course, as business leaders we all come together each week to help grow our organisations, but we also have a firmly held common belief that it is not just about us.

We know that a stronger community is important and that, as business leaders, we have a huge part to play, both by developing thriving businesses that serve society and by partaking in initiatives that benefit charitable causes in our communities.

The BNI in the Community programme is an initiative that encourages members to invite along prospective new members and provide the opportunity to join if it is right for them.

Depending on how many new members each chapter recruits in this time, they are awarded with either £200 or £500 for a local charity of their choice through the BNI Foundation.

Stage one of the competition has just closed and a staggering £54,000 has been awarded across 62 chapters in the UK and Ireland!

Stage two will give the top performing chapters the chance to win a further £1,000 for their chosen charity, with results being announced in August 2020.

There is even talk that UK & Ireland National Directors, Tim Cook and Charlie Lawson, will be getting stuck in with practical help for the top two chapters' chosen charities when the competition closes on 31st July!

The donated funds will make a real difference to the chosen charities but beyond that, the enthusiasm shown by members has been hugely inspirational. Groups have rallied around causes dear to the hearts of members and others in vital need in their communities. There are various stories of chapters taking on additional work to raise money for these organisations and bolster the funds raised through BNI in the Community.

It truly has been an exciting period of time that demonstrates that BNI members care and want to make a difference to the societies in which they live and work.


For a full list of chapters that have been awarded funds for their chosen charities, please click here.


Tim Cook and Charlie Lawson

Tim Cook and Charlie Lawson, BNI National Directors UK & Ireland painting a school in Poland, 2019



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